Carrom Table & Stand - Crokinole Table & Stand - Foldable Base for Games - Height Adjustable - Board Game Table


With our Foldable Carrom Board Stand, you can effortlessly enjoy this classic board game wherever you go. This innovative stand is designed to set up your carrom board, providing stability and convenience so you can fully focus on the game. This stand is multifunctional and suitable for various board games like Crokinole.

Space-Saving Design: The foldable design of the stand ensures minimal storage space when not in use, making it perfect for small living spaces.

Sturdy Construction: Made of high-quality materials, this stand is designed to ensure durability and provide years of enjoyment.

Easy Installation: With the convenient accordion folding system, you can set up the stand quickly and easily, allowing you to start playing right away.

Adjustable Height: Customize the height of the stand to match your playing preferences, making it suitable for players of all ages.

Non-Slip Feet: The stand features non-slip feet to ensure it stays securely in place during gameplay without damaging the floor.

Compatible with All Carrom & Crokinole Boards: This stand is suitable for all common carrom boards, providing a stable and level playing environment. It's also great for Crokinole boards.

Easy Portability: Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, you can take the stand with you anywhere, from family gatherings to picnics in the park.

With the Foldable Carrom Board Stand, you can enhance your carrom gaming experience. Enjoy hours of gameplay with friends and family, wherever you are, with the assurance of a stable and reliable playing environment. Elevate your carrom board game into a special occasion with this convenient and practical stand.

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