How to play

Crokinole is played on a round wooden board, with wooden round discs in 2 colors as playing pieces.

Players take turns shooting discs across the round wooden board by firing their fingers at the discs - see video for how to shoot. Players try to land their checkers in the scoring areas on the board (between the lines), with the highest scoring area being the recessed hole in the center of the board. Each round, each player/side alternately shoots a set number of checkers (usually 12 or 8), shooting one checker each turn.

As a traditional game, many variations are often played, but the following method is based on the National Crokinole Association rules that apply to the World Crokinole Championship. Players must place their checker on the back line of their quadrant in front of them at the start of each of their turns - see video for where that is exactly.

If there are no opponent checkers on the board, players may attempt to shoot into the recessed hole in the center. If there is an opponent's checker on the board, they must first hit an opponent's piece, via their own checker, directly or via via.

The recessed hole in the center is worth 20 points, and the checkers that land in this hole are immediately removed from the hole and off the playing field, i.e. the 20 points are fixed and are added at the end of each round (when the checkers are ) on top of the rest of the score. The center circle around the countersink is worth 15 points, the circle outside it 10 and the circle outside 5.Disks outside the outer ring are worth 0 points and are placed in the outer recess.

The final score of a round is done by subtracting the points of one from the other (e.g. Player/Side 1 scores 250 points and Player/Side 2 scores 225, then Player/Side 1 has 25 points.) It is usually played as a two player game (6 checkers per player) or as a four player game in pairs - where both teams have 6 checkers and the different (2) colors are a team.

Play is played to a fixed score, usually the first player to reach 100.