Crokinole Tournament Discs - 13 Black and 13 Green - Size 1-1/4" - 24 Needed + 2 Spare Discs - Bag Included - Carrom Alternative

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Ready to elevate your Crokinole game? This set of 26 black and green discs, crafted from hard maple, is just what you need. The 1-1/4" diameter discs are designed for optimal gameplay, absorbing bumps and gliding smoothly across the board. Finished with a special spray-tumbling technique, each disc has a sleek, polished surface that enhances your playing experience.

This set includes 13 black and 13 green discs, giving you everything required for a complete game. Plus, we’ve got you covered with 2 extra spare discs in case any go missing. Packaged neatly in a convenient bag, this set is perfect for both casual play and intense tournaments.

  • Complete set: 26 discs in black and green, perfect for Crokinole enthusiasts.
  • High-quality material: Made from hard maple wood to withstand the bumps and knocks of gameplay.
  • Smooth finish: Each disc is finished with a spray-tumbling technique for effortless gliding.
  • Standard tournament size: 1-1/4" diameter discs for authentic Crokinole play.
  • Extra discs included: 2 spare discs to ensure you’re never short-handed.

For those who cherish their Crokinole game, this set of discs is a must-have. Grab yours today and enjoy quality, smooth play every time!

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