Crokinole Discs - Set of 13 Black Discs - Tournament Size 1-1/4" - Includes Bag - Carrom Alternative


Enhance your Crokinole experience with this complete set of 13 sleek black discs, crafted from premium hard maple. These official size (1-1/4" diameter) discs are perfect for anyone who loves this timeless game.

Each disc is meticulously finished using a special spray-tumbling technique, ensuring a smooth surface for optimal play. These durable discs are designed to absorb the impacts of intense gameplay, bringing you long-lasting enjoyment.

And don't worry about losing a disc—we've got you covered with an extra one included in the set. This is quality and convenience, all in one package!

  • Complete set of 13 black discs, ideal for Crokinole enthusiasts
  • Crafted from hard maple, the best wood for absorbing bumps during play
  • Special spray-tumbling finish for a smooth playing surface
  • Official size: 1-1/4" diameter, for an authentic gameplay experience
  • Includes 1 extra disc, just in case you lose one

Choose quality and convenience for your Crokinole game with these top-notch discs. Get ready for hours of fun and competition!

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