Crokinole Discs - 13 Blue and 13 Wooden - Tournament Size 1-1/4" - 24 Needed + 2 Spare Discs - Bag Included - Carrom Alternative


Level up your Crokinole game with our premium set of 26 discs, featuring vibrant blue and classic wooden finishes. Crafted from sturdy hard maple, these discs are just the right size at 1-1/4" in diameter, designed to absorb impacts for smooth, uninterrupted play.

Each disc undergoes a unique spray-tumbling process, ensuring a sleek, polished surface that glides effortlessly across the board. We’ve even included 2 extra discs, so you never have to worry about a missing piece ruining your game night.

Perfect for every Crokinole enthusiast, this set combines quality and convenience, making it the ultimate choice for anyone who loves this classic game.

  • Complete set: 26 discs in blue and wood colors
  • High-quality material: Made from hard maple for superior durability
  • Smooth finish: Special spray-tumbling technique for perfect playability
  • Ideal size: Tournament-standard 1-1/4" diameter
  • Extra pieces: Includes 2 spare discs to keep the game going
  • Perfect for fans: A top-notch set for Crokinole lovers
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