Do you own a physical store or sell online?

We’re excited to team up with people who are passionate about representing our Crokinole Europe products with potential customers.

By becoming a Crokinole Europe reseller you’ll get:

  • Several partnership options access to our growing range of games.
  • Profitable pricing with great marginFriendly communication.
  • Rapid, helpful support.

We also provide marketing materials to help you promote Crokinole Europe games effectively. Additionally, we offer incentives to reward your hard work and dedication.


Features included in every plan

For small businesses with a webshop and/or physical store

  • basic discount level
  • higher discount on first order
  • no payment on order
  • invoicing based on consumption report
  • high value consignment stock available

For webshops who want to avoid stock handling and delivery hassles

  • basic and higher discount levels
  • no stock handling
  • no delivery nor packaging hassle
  • invoicing after customer order
  • reliable worldwide shipping partner

For shop owners who want to manage their own stock for faster response

  • highest discount levels
  • special additional guarantees
  • shipping unit optimization
  • high-end game variations available
  • branded components optional

Become a Reseller

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